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Nudist Roommate Locator Tips!

It's probably hard out there for a DC-area nudist.

Because I'm a nice person, I'm going to provide some guidance for the nudists that rejected my interview request this morning.

I called the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) today, wondering how nudists find nudist roommates in barely-chartered nudy territory.

Down in Florida, there are tons of nudists clubs. AANR spokesperson Carolyn Hawkins belongs to the club at Cypress Cove, where she has resided since 1978.

Not all clubs allow long-term residents. In fact, the "club" term itself is very broad: Some "clubs" are resorts, others are traveling clubs that pick locations, homes, campgrounds etc. to meet and play. At Cypress Cove, however, there is a community of some 200 residents living in mostly double-wides and triple-wides "in the back part of the resort."

The original nudists brought the homes there, and then sold them off to other people as they left.

"There’s not a lot of turnaround," says Hawkins, 66. But for those who don't reside in year-round warmth and nudist-abundant Florida, there's a simple way to tap into local nudists in various areas: Through The Bulletin, the AANR's monthly publication, sent to members. There's also a nudist publication called Pasco Naturally.

If there are truly no other nudists in your region, go find some elsewhere. There are roughly 70 clubs where people live permanently, according to Hawkins.

  • http://www.nudistclubhouse.com Brian Spence

    There actually are ways on the web for nudists to find room mates. NudistClubhouse.com, for example even has a group set up specifically for that purpose!


    OR go directly to the room mate group at:


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  • Stephen

    Hello I am a single nudist here in northern CA am looking for a live in arrangement with a couple or single lady whom shares the lifestyle.

    I am a Family Nudist and can be reached @ zimoiibeastivan@live.com I am offering programs in Aerobics and Kenpo Karate to nudist tuition free and prosepcts of future instructorship

  • Richard McIver

    Looking for nudist apartment or apartment building. I am
    single male, have girlfriend in Phillipines. Olive Dell
    taught me economics of low cost sharing kitchen/bath for
    space, cost. Nudism for cooling body in hot summer. Hope to find no tv., alcohol/drugs, etc. Landlord died
    and looking for place, hopefully even underground for cool place in summer heat. No explicit porno, hype, commercial marketing type of lifestyle. 323-3938322