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ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover:Home Edition’ Looking for DC Volunteers


A few years back, I visited the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition set when the show filmed in Capitol Heights, Maryland.

For someone not swinging a hammer, or carting around building materials, or dropping off water to volunteers, let me just say: It was strangely awesome. (Don't get me wrong: It was probably awesome for the volunteers too—but I was there reporting.)

Now, I'm going entirely from memory here, but here's what I recall: The Extreme Makeover team didn't just take over half a block—they were all over the place! At a nearby school facility, up and down various streets in the neighborhoods. ABC had basically colonized the community for a few days. And the food! So much food—Abundant Starbucks samples and endless cookies.

It was a spectacle.  I say all that to bring up the fact that the show's returning to the Washington DC-area. Burch Builders Group is overseeing construction, and it's looking for everything: Volunteers, building materials, a t-shirt company, food suppliers.

ABC announced Home Makeover's return last week, with no mention of locations. The workers will "construct a new house and community center in one week," according to the release.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", ABC Television's Emmy-award winning hit reality show, is coming to the nation's capital to surprise a lucky family and a community center. This season's theme is "GET ON THE BUS" capturing the momentum of the Obama administration's focus on volunteerism. The program will air as a two-hour special featuring local builders Burch Builders Group LLC and G&M Contracting, Inc. as they construct a new house and community center in one week.

Image by Rob J Brooks, Flickr Creative Commons

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  • momrow

    Thank you Bartlett Exteriors and Shanco Company for helping the community. Much love!

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  • Valencia Johnson

    I would like to first thanks the whole crew for making this community to come back to life. I live in a tiny 2 bedroom apt. When I watch your show, which is everyday, I do not never miss a episode. You and your team is so awesome as to where I am planning to build me a home for me and my grands. I want to bring my family together as one. I am a disable mother of 3 and a grandmother of 7. I suffer from multiple illnesses due to my diabetes and now i use different mobility equipment to get around. When I was coming up I always said before I have grand kids. Well I got my grand kids and no house. Now I am about to change this. I would like to know how to I start my own project of building me home for my family so we can be together as one. So we can have backyard barbeques and do what families do on special occasions. I just want me and family to be back together living as one not separately. Thank you very much.