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Bruce Monroe Elementary Demolished for Future Development

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Bruce Monroe Elementary is another one of those schools that Michelle Rhee decided to close after the 2008 school year.

Just by looking at this one, you can imagine the complains about the architecture alone.

The building has that 1960s/1970s jail look. There's a painful lack of windows on entire walls. Plus, the building is divided into four connected columnar structures, that appear like they could be put on lock down, if necessary.

Anyway, the kids are long gone. Today, the District begins demolition on the site. According to an announcement, the city will issue "a solicitation for a development partner to transform the 119,000 square-foot site into a mixed-use project."

This particular spot seems like one of the best old school sites offered up by the city. It's no Hine Junior High School, located in the heart of Eastern Market. But, it sits right on Georgia Avenue between Howard University Hospital and the Petworth Metro station.

There have been a couple high profile projects completed in Petworth recently.

And according to today's announcement, "The District is expected next month to select a development partner to redevelop the nearby Park Morton housing complex into a healthier, safer mixed-income neighborhood." The Park Morton housing complex is one of Washington's huge "New Communities" in the works.


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    I went to Monroe Elementary School in the 1940s when it was a beautiful red brick building like Bruce School. They they tore it down and put that big ugly monstrosity there. I'm glad they're tearing it down

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