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Why All the Fuss About Bloomingdale’s Boxer Girl?

Now, here's a controversy that just shouldn't be one. A Bloomingdale woman allowed an artist—with a DC government grant—to paint a mural on the side of her house. She calls it "a boxer girl," saying "It's about strength. It's about creativity." The neighbors apparently think it's about...Annoying them. They look outside and have to see it, and that's terrible.

I'm not sure what's so offensive about rainbows and stars. One neighbor wonders if it's a "lesbian pride thing," but that's as close as anyone comes to proffering some sort of meaning to "boxer girl."

It would never occur to me to get angry about this.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/sexist Amanda Hess

    "I see it in my kitchen, in my basement, in my bathroom. It's just in my face."

    God, I love my neighborhood.

  • neil

    Lisa Marie! Great mural!

  • JohnD

    Umm, this is painted on a private residence. What if she decided to paint her house bright purple, pink, and green? The last I remember we still have some private property rights in DC left. These neighbors need to get over themselves. Would they rather the neighborhood regress and they look out on abandoned houses, drug dealers, and prostitutes conducting their business in the alley? Each person is entitled to their own opinion, however if you don't like it, don't paint it on your house.

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  • Michael

    The real problem is that it was done with a DC government grant. This is (yet another) waste of taxpayers' money.

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  • com

    thats incorrect. its not taxpayer money. its developer's money.
    public art funds come from a different source.

  • Jake

    Hey, people can voice their dissatisfaction with a mural. In my opinion, it's awful. If my neighbor put it up in a such a conspicuous manner, I'd let them know my opinion - which they are free to accept or reject.

    Oh, and whether it's developer money or taxpayer money, the funding commission should have collaborated with he community as a whole before foisting this mural on everyone.

    I mean, really, does anyone think this is good art? Honestly?

  • http://www.monsterart.com monica newell

    It puzzles me that art is not appreciated for the truth within, even now. How many times have we been to the moon now? What?! Long live Boxer Girl!!!

  • ben_thayer_don_that

    I do. I love it! It's F*I*E*R*C*E