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Huge 929-Unit Development Proposed for Ft. Totten

Update: The Cafritz Foundation’s Art Place@Fort Totten: The Neighbors Are Deeply Confused

So finally, some uplifting news out of the Ft. Totten area: The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation has conceived of a colossal development project for the neighborhood, complete with a Children's Museum, 929 residential units (431 of which will be designated mixed-income, and 98 of which will be Senior/Affordable). The project, shown below, sits directly east of the metro stop, and Ft. Totten Station, Clark Realty's 300 market-rate units. (Plenty more pictures below, and check back for more news later today.)

S. Dakota Ave. & Ingraham St.

Here's a full map of the area; This one's flipped to the side. The large central building is the children's museum.

Residential building

Perspective View-S. Dakota Ave.

  • Affordable Muhass

    Ft. Totten Station calls it's $1300 one bedrooms affordable. For whom? I can't afford that as a federal attorney! We need rent caps. Now.

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  • Q

    The Children's Museum is a nice touch since the Capitol Children's Museum has gone to National Harbor. Still, their concept of affordability is not attracting people as of yet.

  • Grumpy

    What a joke. Affordable for WHOM?

    And where are all these new folks gonna grocery shop? The Giant on Riggs? Unless you include a Harris Teeter or other name brand grocery and a Rite-Aid or CVS, you're fooling yourself to think that a children's museum will generate needed revenue. And that does nothing for the residents. How does that facility serve their interests? What is there for the RESIDENTS especially the seniors to do for quality of living/justification of these prices?

    No one is hanging out in Ft. Totten so stop with the 'U-Street cookie cutter' projects in areas that can't support that vision.

    These complexes work when living and shopping and entertainment is INCLUDED. Then a person doesn't NEED a car because the convenience is built in. See PG Plaza's condos for an example. If you live there, you have shopping and entertainment all rolled into one and you don't have to walk more than a few blocks.

    This will fail much like the overhyped SW corridor is failing now. Nats stadium hasn't been the money magnet it was proposed to be and neither will this unless a viable entertainment element is packaged in. You have to give someone a reason to want to live there besides the Metro, especially at those prices.

  • Sir Spicious

    Affordable isn't defined by the developer, it is a HUD standard based upon area median income.

  • D C Native

    How is this little area going to accommodate that many people? Traffic is going to be horrible. Where will the people park? They keep trying to change DC into a little NYC, but we don't have the infrastructure for all this development. The big city with the small city charm is no more. But what about the tax payers that have loved this city because of the charm it used to have? Does any body care about the impact on the seniors, that live in this area? They will not be able to drive for all of the congestion and confusion. But I guess we're suppose to boot them to senior citizen homes whether they want to go or not...

  • tom veil

    Looks beautiful. And, ahem, DC Native, take a look at the images before complaining. There's a huge parking garage next to the Metro station.

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  • AH

    I am vey excited to see new construction come to this area especially the new townhomes that K. Hovnanian Homes are building (Emerson Park)! Great News!

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  • Wondering

    Is there any new news on this?? I see the buildings have been emptied (I think). But what else is going on? Thanks.