Housing Complex

Top Blog Posts of the Past Week, More Love Sacks Edition

I learned an important lesson this week: Washingtonians are most-definitely not tired of inane Real World updates.

(9) The D.C. Real World House: The Creepy Zone

(8) National Leadership Campus: Insurance Philanthropist Peter Lewis’s Grand Development Concept

(7) Hine School Plan 1: The Looks Familiar Plan

(6) Hine School Plan 3: The Fancy Stuff Plan

(5) The Ballad of 14th and T: Room & Board Buys the Building

(4)Hine School Plan 4: The All-Knowing Plan

(3)Hine School Development Plans Unveiled

(2) The D.C. Real World House: Bedrooms, Game Room, and Confessional on First Floor (2,368 pageviews)

(1) The D.C. Real World House: Phone Room, Kitchen, Love Sacks on Second Floor (2,847 pageviews)

  • Jasper

    God, now that we've gotten to the heart of the Real World matter, please, please, please tell me you have specs on the new Road Rules bus!!!!!

    Will it have love sacks too???? SO EXCITED.

    Yeesh, I think I just got a little wet.