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Hine School Plan 4: The All-Knowing Plan

On Wednesday night, four developers—finalists whittled down from a group of ten—presented plans for projects on the site of Hine Junior High School, down the street from Eastern Market.

The All-Knowing Plan (Presentation PDF, Pt.1 Pt.2):
Stanton Development Corporation/Eastbanc Inc./Autopark Inc./The Jarvis Companies/Dantes Partners

Stanton's presentation was all about reminding Capitol Hillers that the developers already knew them.

Architect Amy Weinstein showed off all her past buildings and projects in the area—and then explained the mindset a designer should have approaching Eastern Market development.  Tips: You have to be able to envision the streetscape. You have to understand the Victorian era itself (something about politics, immorality, sex and architecture).

The development plans included pictures of an internal courtyard, residential and retail development and most noticeably a large space for Capitol Hill's Shakespeare Theatre Company. Stanton has worked on a variety of past projects in the immediate vicinity, as well as the refurbishment of The Willard Hotel downtown.

"This is the only RFP we've ever responded to. I hope our buildings are so great, you will want to restore them in a hundred years, not destroy them—like the Willard," Kenneth Golding, a developer with Stanton.


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