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CityMarket at O Groundbreaking Expected in Summer 2010

This week's Dupont Current has more details on the CityMarket at O project, which just received $1 million from D.C. Council emergency legislation.  The funds will be used to pay architectural, engineering and other pre-development costs (with a groundbreaking expected in summer 2010).

The city previously offered to assist with those costs by funneling money from a hike in downtown meter fees. But, according to the story, "mayoral aids refused to release the money until the meter fees were actually collected. The Evans emergency bill was crafted to correct that."

In addition to the emergency legislation's $1 million, the CityMarket at O developers will also receive $1.5 million that was originally intended for the Howard Theatre. And developers are hoping to get more money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

  • Cassandra

    Ah but you missed two fun facts:

    This time last year, we were told that Roadside needed a $35 million TIF subsidy to break ground in Fall of 2009. Like "Tomorrow," this project is always a day (and a few million tax dollars) away. Note that the $2.5 million from DC will be used to apply for a new round of federal subsidies. Hardly a certain thing if anyone objective looks at Roadside's almost decade long track record of eff-ups on this project.

    Also, there was a charming exchange between CMs Graham and Evans over this legislation. When Graham pointed out that the legislation didn't provide subsidies for the other affordable housing projects that had been promised and had not received revenue from the parking meter fee increases, Evan's response: All I'm interested in is a million dollars for O Street."

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