Housing Complex

Empower DC Rallying Against Sale of Public Property

In late March, Empower DC coordinated a protest against the city's plan to redevelop 11 school sites, according to this Washington Business Journal article. But that was nothing in comparison to what the group has lined up for tomorrow in front of the Wilson Building.  Here's some information from Empower DC's website:

Concert and Rally to Save Public Property &
Protest Fenty's Attacks on Chocolate City Residents & Workers

4 PM-7 PM
FREEDOM PLAZA – 14th & Penn Ave, NW

(rain date May 8th)

Live Music By Local Rock/Funk Bands:


DC Hip-Hop/Go-Go on the Wheels of Steel:

DJ Earth 1ne
(Classic Hip Hop LLC, Mental Salvation Radio, NOI)

DJ Soyo

more to come...stay tuned!
speakers and solidarity action to stop Fenty's policies including:
Civil Rights Organizer, on Diminishing the Role of Residents in Local Politics

ACLU, on Violations of Civil Liberties

DC Jobs with Justice, on Attacks on Public Sector Unions

Empower DC, on Cuts to Housing that Harm Tenants

AND MORE....Come out to get involved and

Save 11 DC Public School Fenty Wants to Give to Developers

Save the 15 Parks and Rec Child care centers Fenty wants to close

Save the public mental health care system that Fenty wants to privatize

Protest Cuts to public services, and attacks on city workers and public sector unions


CALL EMPOWER DC (202) 234-9119

  • Jason

    If Empower DC wants their protests to be taken seriously the shouldn't refer to D.C. as the chocolate city.

  • http://imgoph.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    empower DC comes across as a bunch of petulant children. funk fenty? seriously? you're going to title your event with a veiled verbal assault on the person you're trying to convince to change their mind on something?

    between them and the answer coalition, i don't know who's more irrelevant.

  • SG

    Empower is just the low-income housing lobby of DC. Sorry, but it's true. Their motto should be "keep DC ghetto!"

  • http://www.empowerdc.org Parisa

    Empower DC is the only city-wide, grassroots membership based organization working to build political power for low and moderate income DC residents and address the critical issues impacting our lives - housing, child care, public property and more. Empower DC does not take any government or corporate money and is "unbought and unbossed." The people commenting on this blog above me are obviously of the class of people who prefer DC to match their complexion and their lifestyle only, who have paid little attention and even less care to the fate of their neighbors, and who prefer the displacement of those who built and sustained this city in its more difficult years. Empower DC will continue to fight for low income housing because we believe that quality housing is a human right. Yes, we refer to DC as Chocolate City - because DC was the first major American city to be majority Black and we celebrate that. Yes, we call our event Funk Fenty because we don't suck up to those who oppress and attack our community in their efforts to enrich the rich. We will not sit by as some try to turn DC into a Disneyland for the rich. Empower DC is committed to community organizing to uplift DC residents. If you are down with that, call us at (202) 234-9119.

  • http://www.empowerdc.org Kimberly Johnson

    The District of Columbia was the first city to have a majority black population, and continues to suffer in the form of high poverty, crime, and illiteracy rates because of it. The disinvestment in low-income residents came at the hand of specific policies to disenfrachise

    These policies take the form of the privitization of critical social services( making quality services difficult to obtain for many working class individuals). The policies are the same ones that Mayor Adrian Fenty has perpetuated, with the closure of schools, the privitization of mental health care, education, and childcare and D.C. The massive firings of district employees at a time when the country is in economic crisis.

    Empower DC's contiuially standing in the face of power, confronting politicians, like Mayor Adrian Fentys, whose policies favor the elite, yet do little for the the cities low-income and working class familes, is why I am a proud member of Empower DC and urge those who wish to be part of a grassroots movement to protect low to moderate income residents, should visit our website at http://www.empowerdc.org.

  • Sinclair

    Wow. SG.

    That was flat-out racist. Holy crap.

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  • Q

    Sinclair you ain't kidding. SG and IMGoph just proved Parisa and Kimberly Johnson's point. Since when does a community activist group have to have a pedigree? Geez, maybe if they called themselves the Proliteriats against Gentifrication, SG and the "others" would recognize the cause.

  • Rob

    It's pretty bad...we thought we were electing a reform mayor; he attended all the rallies, and then, when mayoral fund raising time came, he essentially turned to the developers, real estate interests and big boys. After all these years of such good constituent service and such a reform image. He didn't even need to cater to the big boys, he was going to win big anyway. Reminds one of Nixon, he had no need whatsoever to bug the Democrats or anything of that sort, he was slated to win against McGovern no matter what. Worse, he wants to look like Obama, but acts like George W., from trying to slip in unqualified appointees for cronyism, appointees the council refuses to consider, down to defying and ignoring the legislature, as though they were not a co-equal branch; many council members are flabbergasted.

  • http://imgoph.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    q: how did i prove their point? i never said i was specifically opposed to their protest, but i did say that their protest could have been better packaged to convince the masses that they're right. i think it was an opportunity squandered.

  • M

    I'm w/ IMGoph. I saw these 'community activists' work at a meeting last year regarding school property reuse. The local community association spent two months gathering input and working to create a petition to the city stating what those of use who live nearby (mostly old and some new residents) wanted. The last meeting this group showed up with a poor presentation, pretended to speak for the 'community' and demanded that the city use the buildings for uses that we had specifically petitioned against.