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D.C. United Fans Taking to the Streets on Saturday!

First, the plan to build D.C. United's stadium in Washington fell through. Then, the plan to move it to P.G. County fell through. Then, people speculated about whether moving it to Frederick County Maryland (check out Frederick's location on this map) would be a good move. My opinion: no. And now...This is happening:

United fans to rally in support of D.C. United stadium
Supporters groups unite to lead march on May 9

Washington, D.C. (May 2, 2009) – D.C. United fans are organizing a rally in support of a stadium plan for the club prior to D.C. United’s home game May 9 against Toronto FC. Planned events include a demonstration in Lincoln Park at 3:30 p.m. ET, followed by a march to RFK Stadium and a massive dual tailgate party, hosted by La Barra Brava and the Screaming Eagles, lasting until the scheduled 7:30 p.m. kick-off. Though fans are encouraged to use metro to arrive at the park, shuttle busses are being hired to transport fans from Lot 8 at RFK Stadium to the demonstration gathering point from 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

“D.C. United has long enjoyed a special relationship with our fans, who are the best in Major League Soccer,” said United President Kevin Payne. “No matter what the need, we can always count on the unswerving support of our fans. It's no surprise that they've organized this march in support of our club. We hope the political leadership of the District, and the region, pay attention. We’re sure the march and rally will be enthusiastic and friendly.

So on Saturday we learn once and for all: How many fans does DC United actually have? I'm thinking this protest—Okay commenters: "Rally," "gathering," "show of support," "celebration of the most successful team in MLS history," what have you...—might not necessarily be a good thing for the team's future.

  • Kelly

    Re: your last two sentences, even a cursory reading of leagues statistics for the past thirteen years will tell you the number of fans that show up to RFK on a regular basis.

    I'll help you out, average is over 17K.

  • seahawkdad

    ...and how did you derive from any of what you quoted that this rally is a protest?

  • BigRob

    Who said it was a protest? Its a celebration of the most successful team in MLS history. I'm not sure how many people march is indicative of the number of fans the team has. This is some really sloppy reporting.

  • seahawkdad

    BigRob, why do you think this deserves the honor of being called reporting?

  • really?

    Yet another misinformed post... DC United has been the rare bright spot for DC's pro-sports teams over the last decade and has one of the strongest fan bases in the MLS.

  • Carlo

    Ruth, the problem of this "article" is not if you use the word protest instead of rally, or celebration...or whatever.

    The problem is saying that it "might not necessarily be a good thing for the team’s future" without actually explaining why. Now I ask you WHY? Come on tell us....

  • Troy G

    Ruth, On behalf of La Barra Brava, I invite you to join us for our rally. Immerse yourself in our culture. It is rather easy to disdainfully dismiss that which one does not understand.

  • candace

    DCU has more fans than the Nationals for sure. Probably the Wizards, too. And yet those teams have well-equipped facilities. I will be there on Saturday showing my support. Ruth, why don't you explain why you are so opposed to building a stadium for DC United?

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