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Looks Like D.C United Isn’t Moving to P.G. County—What About MoCo or Frederick?

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Frederick: Pretty damn far away from Washington D.C.

Does anyone want D.C. United?

First Washington D.C. rejected the soccer team because, as Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans stated, the project lacked a "champion."

Then yesterday, the P.G. County Council voted 8-0 against a proposal authorizing a feasibility study for the new stadium. According to the Washington Business Journal, "[The legislation authorizing the study] is stalled in the Statehouse and likely will die without the support of the Prince George's Council."

Today, the Business Journal probes D.C. United's remaining alternatives.

"I think there are some potential options in the county, and I think it’s at least worth having conversations with people about it,” said Montgomery County Councilman Mike Knapp.

Loudoun, Fairfax, and Howard Counties are either uninterested in the team—or uninterested in commenting either way.

Frederick County says city officials "are still in a looking phase to see if would be a good match for Frederick,” according to the story.

But honestly, why would D.C. United be interested in Frederick? It's one of the least centrally located counties in the region. A roundtrip journey would last longer than a game for many people.


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