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D.C. United Not Moving to Poplar Point

Well, this is a blow.

The Washington Post reports this morning that D.C. United owner Victor MacFarlane wants to build a stadium—correct that "urban stadium"—in Prince George's County, not the District.

In late January, Clark Realty and the city ended their partnership to transform Poplar Point, a 110-acre section of Ward 8, into a huge new mecca for futbol-watching, plus shopping, mixed housing, parkland, and office space.

When I talked to a number of pro-soccer stadium residents last year, they basically all expressed the same thought: We need the stadium for this project to be successful.

"Having the stadium here in Ward 8 will make this ward a destination point for people in the metropolitan area," said Philip Pannell, Executive Director of Anacostia Coordinating Council. "In my mind, there are practically no stores that they could put on that point that people could not access is their own communities."

So what now? Cue the grumblings: "If this wasn't Ward 8...If this was anywhere else in the city..." The "Dissed-trict" is unfortunately living up to its name.

  • TJ

    As a DC United fan, this is a mixed blessing. The news of a new stadium coming sooner rather than later is welcome, but that it likely won't be in DC is truly a let down. I don't fault the team though - they put tons of money and time into trying to make a stadium in Ward 8 happen.

  • S

    I'm just glad DC isn't financing a stadium. PG will be using extremely precious taxpayer dollars instead.

  • Darrow Montgomery

    PG United: Bummer

  • DCNative

    I agree, DC taxpayers cannot afford to fund another stadium. The wealthy owners who profit from these ventures should pay to build their own stadiums.

  • Sgc

    The money was for roads, sewers, power lines, etc. . . aka a government's freakin' job, and stuff they'll have to build eventually when the place finally gets developed 10 years from now (and absolutely no one crosses the Anacostia to get there).

    I feel bad, because Largo is one ugly hell of a drive from some parts of Northern VA, but it is what it is.

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