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Where’s “Capitol Quarter”?

Neighborhood names are an ongoing fascination for me—from the near dead "Kent," to the just born "Capitol Riverfront." So in this week's edition of Where the hell is blank neighborhood?, I submit a new name: Capitol Quarter.

I just spotted the name in this Washington Business Journal article about an EYA 210-townhouse development supposedly located in...well...Capitol Quarter, described as "near two Metro stations and The Yards redevelopment along the Southeast waterfront that will offer parks, restaurants and retail."

From that description, I believe we're talking about an area within the Capitol Riverfront (confirmed by the group's website), which is going through its own redefinition from such designations as “that neighborhood around the stadium,” “ballpark district,” “Near Southeast Waterfront,” “Southeast Federal Center,” “Washington Navy Yard,” and “Navy Yard,” the name of the nearby Metro station, as I wrote back in December.


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    Lots of Capitol Quarter information on my site. It's not really that much of a mystery, it's been under development for years....:


    (You can also see it on my map on my home page, where it says "Capitol Quarter" (and has for about three years now!) and shows its location within the Near Southeast neighborhood.

    Capitol Riverfront is more than just Near Southeast, because it includes Buzzard Point in SW.

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    It is onthe site of the Old Capper-Carrolsburg housing that was torn down ( so i thought)

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