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When Nothing’s Happening, Do You Drop the “Up-and-Coming” Title?

Can you call a neighborhood "up-and-coming" when nothing—quite blatantly—is changing there?

A year and a half ago, I was looking for housing on Craigslist. At that time, it seemed like the places in Petworth were noted for being in Petworth...while places in Columbia Heights were noted for being in Columbia Heights. There were exceptions. But no memorable trend. Back then, Petworthians could easily call Petworth "up-and-coming," and those in Park View could just pretend they lived in "up-and-coming" Petworth.

People knew their place...But not so anymore.

Last night, I was again on Craigslist. The neighborhood misrepresentations was staggering. STAGGERING. Here are some examples:

Maybe people have given up on the up-and-comingness of Petworth. Forget the dream: Just call your neighborhood Columbia Heights, land of Target. I saw the creeping change before. But never to this degree. The thing is: Petworth does have some new developments on the horizon. But perhaps no one knows about them, and that's the problem.

Image by Darrow Montgomery

  • diomedes


    Park view has always had an identity crisis, this is nothing new. Check out the sign at the cornor of irving and georgia, by the looks of it, it has been there way before people got on petworth's "up-and-comingness," not after. What is Park View's boundries and for that matter what is Park Morton's?

  • James

    Were you not here when Logan Circle as far as 9th Street was referred to as "Dupont East"?

    Yes, all of these sites are in neighborhoods that have no business calling themselves Columbia Heights. Read this as a sign of where Columbia Heights has gotten to, that people *want* to be associated with it. In time, the neighborhoods will (probably) re-assert their identity as they desire to become distinct, especially as GA Ave. commercial meets the neighborhoods' new needs.

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