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Best Fixer-Uppers On the D.C. Auction Block Tomorrow

As I wrote earlier, the city plans to auction off more than 30 long-vacated, nuisance properties tomorrow. Late afternoon, I talked to Martine Combal of the Department of Housing and Community Development. She helped compile the list from a pool of 219 decrepit eyesores that have irritated neighbors for years. She has also been fielding calls from prospective buyers since the auction list started circulating last month.

These are the properties that have been getting the most attention, according to Combal.

100 Bryant St. NW. Washington, DC

805 7th St. NE. Washington, DC

(Yes, yes—it's truly awful. But the location's half a block from H Street and a quick walk to Union Station.)

2305 1st St. NW. Washington, DC

The first and last properties are in Bloomingdale, by the way.

Combal says the list was compiled partially on how often neighborhood residents complained about the nuisance properties. So if you think all your phone calls, angry e-mails, and ANC meeting diatribes are for naught, think again!

Images courtesy of the Department of Housing and Community Development/Alex Cooper Real Estate


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    pretty damn nice to see that bloomingdale is getting the most attention. says something for our neighborhood, eh?

    of course, i hope this houses can be brought back to their old glory, not turned into some frankenstein's monster by the new owners...

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