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Albert Stands Ground On Tenleytown Library Project

Tenleytown mixed-use development by the Metro.

DCmud has posted a letter from Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Neil Albert regarding the Tenleytown Library.

The library shut down in 2004. Since then, the community and the city have gone back and forth on how to rebuild the facility, which is located close to the area's Metro station. The city wanted to build a mixed-use project with housing there. The library's Board of Trustees listened. Then, in November, they got tired of waiting for a plan they liked, and decided they wanted to move forward, and get their new Tenleytown library already.

Apparently, that hasn't changed Albert and Fenty's position on the whole deal. Albert writes this in his letter (which is directed to councilmembers that opposed the project):

"The site offers the District the rare opportunity to leverage a parcel across the street from a Metrorail station, bringing additional residents and workforce housing units to an underserved Wisconsin Avenue corridor...

Second, the money the District will receive in the form of a prepaid ground lease will be used to move the Janney School modernization up in the queue from Fiscal Year 2014…to Fiscal years 2009, 2010, and 2011.”

The letter from Albert, sent Jan. 12, later states "We have determined a potential stand-alone library would eliminate any potential cost saving for the library" and would make future development cost prohibitive.

Apparently, a "fully formed proposal" for the site will be presented to the community on Feb. 10.

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