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Buildings Razed in Maine Avenue Fish Market

Changes are already coming to the Southwest Waterfront, though not the ones everyone's excited about. Some buildings down by the Maine Avenue Fish Market are going to be razed, DCmud reports. The Virgo Fish House will soon be gone, as well as another building which held a crab house."The intent of these small moves is to keep the Fish Market in safe and operable condition until the redevelopment occurs,” according to Nina Albert with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

Image by  Jean-Francois Chenier, Flickr Creative Commons

  • Jabbo

    Thanks for the info. If my memory is working, I think Virgo Fish House is the place where you get your fish cleaned. If the building is being razed, it would be helpful to know if Virgo is relocated within the compound, or if fish cleaning services will no longer be available. Which is ?

  • Doetsch

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