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Top Blog Posts of Last Week: Inauguration Posts Win Again!

(1) $20,000 Inauguration Rental…In Mitchellville

(2) The Best Inauguration Rental Craigslist Advertisement Ever

(3)Inauguration Housing: The Market’s Weak People!

(4) Renting Your House Post-Inauguration (Why Not Keep the Money Flowing?)

(5) The Holiday Inn Georgetown, American University’s Newest Dorm

(6)4,500 More Hotel Rooms Available for Inauguration

(7)) Six Reasons to Pull Your Craigslist Inauguration Rental Ad

(8)The Inauguration Rental Chronicles, Part 1

(9)The Inauguration Rental Chronicles, Part 7: Scammers, Opportunists Take Over

Image by dbking, Flickr Creative Commons
  • http://www.cityoftours.com CityOfTours

    Its no doubt going to be a historic event and maybe quite an outstanding address and for those still planning to attend, like I said on my forum I wish them all the best getting there. The atmosphere will be unreal and while I am opting to watching the ceremony on CNN and I know I am missing out big time. If any of you made it there then post a message on my forum and tell us all about it.

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