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The Best Inauguration Rental Craigslist Advertisement Ever

This is for real:

want a place to stay on inauguration, but cant find a hotel? don't have $1000 for 1 night? want to party, but don't know where? We can Help.

Announcing DC's 1st and only Drunken Hostel. We give you a place to crash and a place to party. ALL YOU CAN DRINK. crap loads of fun people. A DJ. leftover Obama campaign stickers. tiki torches. jello shots.
You give us 200$.

we have a large 3 bedroom house with a nice backyard. 2 guys and 1 girl. 2.5 miles from the Mall, a 40 minute walk or a 15 minute metro ride.

Go to the inauguration, then come back for our party.

If you need a place to crash Monday night as well, that can be arranged for an extra 50$. we cant guarantee a bed, but we have couches and carpeted floors. bring a sleeping bag, and be ready to party Obama-style.

  • http://metrodcliving.com urban trekker

    ..this is so funny! I LOL...great blog, btw.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/sexist Amanda Hess

    all you can drink?

    say, what's the address of this place?

  • http://inauguralrentals.blogspot.com/2008/12/39-days-to-inaugurationand-you-still.html inaugural housing


    Cool ad, but I'm offering some real places to stay. A bit more expensive than this guy, but you'll sleep comfy.

  • http://streaminternetaccess.com/ SEO Dude

    That was the best blog of the Day.
    Thanks for the laugh and make sure you clean the floors
    before I get there next Monday.

    I'll give you info on how to change the world if you would just clean the carpets.

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