Housing Complex

The Inauguration Rental Chronicles, Part 2

Today, we follow up on the first entry in the Inauguration Rental Chronicles. Oh, and believe me folks, as long as my anonymous participants continue to feed me info, we're going until the day of the inauguration. Maybe afterward. If there's some trashing of the house, a lawsuit, a friendship implosion of Heidi/Lauren-like proportions, I might be writing a book.

Last time we checked in with our renters, they had just posted their advertisement on Craigslist. They were hoping to rent their four-bedroom "Central Northwest" rowhouse for six days, at the grand cost of $11,000.

The original advertisement went up on Monday. By Wednesday morning, the group had received no responses. So, the clan started going back and forth about lowering the price. "I got in touch with them—I was like we need to repost and bump it up to the top. Most people start posting this stuff between nine in the morning and three in the afternoon," says my friend, who we shall call Cynthia. The group already decided that their bare minimum is $8,000. Below that, it's too much of a hassle and too expensive.

The cost was lowered to $10,000. They put up a new advertisement in the late afternoon, so it would be close to the top of the page for people checking Craiglist after work. And what do you know? They actually got a serious response. But, that will be a different installment for a different day (like tomorrow).


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    I have a six bedroom rental for inauguration week . Please reply to email or call 240 508 0062 Ms. Seegers

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