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Developer Do’s and Don’ts

I'm feeling a little put upon after reading BuildingDC.com's "Top Ten Rules for Developers." The list barks out rules of style to follow (example: "Say NO to Pergo flooring" "Say NO to Granite!" "Say NO to wood floors in bathrooms.") But, it's an amusing roundup of do's and don'ts in the decision-making world of developers—my favorite of which is:

"8-If you are going to build balconies, build ones that can hold 2 chairs! Wouldn’t it be great to go home after a long day at work on a beautiful afternoon only to enjoy the weather with your significant other relaxing outside on your balcony? Well you can’t." The developer of your unit only built your balcony large enough for one person. Sorry!

Okay, I'm making a mental note, in case I ever become a developer.

Photo by Barxtux

  • http://hometryst.com Jesse Kaye


    I wish I had known you wrote a post on our "Dos and Don'ts" of development. Its highly opinionated because I've seen too many developers make many bad choices over the years and have heard clients disappointments with certain features, or lack thereof, that could have been more readily focused on earlier in the process.