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The FringeCasting Couch #7 — With (75 Percent of) the cast of You, Or Whatever I Can Get

FEATURING: Vaughn Irving! (Pictured at left.) Farrell Parker! (Pictured at right.) Doug Wilder! (Pictured at top.)
DISCUSSED: You, or Whatever I Can Get. Using a schematic method to write a musical that feels organic. Why an entire generation has passed since an original musical produced a hit pop song — though none of us thought to [...]

The FringeCasting Couch #6 — Critics’ Panel, on the Best and Worsts of Capital Fringe 2014

FEATURING: Brett Abelman! Camila Domonoske! Joseph Price!
DISCUSSED: Breast in Show. Waiting for Armageddon. Giant Box of Porn. You, or Whatever I Can Get. A Fire in Water. Refresh: Stories of Love, Sex, and the Internet. The Dish.
WE'RE SORRY: We couldn't remember offhand the names of all the creators of the marvelous You, or Whatever I [...]

The FringeCasting Couch #5 — The SEXPISODE! With Twanna A. Hines of I Füçkèð Your Country & Jonelle Walker of TAME.

FEATURING: Internationally syndicated sex writer and educator Twanna A. Hines, whose solo show I Füçkèð Your Country has been one of the big hits of this festival, earning admiring reviews from Fringeworthy's Jonelle Walker and also from Fringeworthy's Rachel Manteuffel, writing for some prudish place that thinks the show is called I F—– Your Country. [...]

The FringeCasting Couch #4 – With Capital Fringe founder/CEO Julianne Brienza and COO Peter Korbel

Capital Fringe founder and CEO Julianne Brienza discusses the former A.V. Ristorante Italiano, the crumbling New York Ave. NW landmark that has served as "Fort Fringe," the festival's headquarters and key performance complex, for six years. This year's festival will be the last in this location. Later, Capital Fringe COO Peter Korbel joins the conversation [...]

The FringeCasting Couch #3: With Live Action Theatre, on The Tournament

FEATURING: Lex Davis! Jake Guinn! Chris Niebling! Kristen Pilgirm!
DISCUSSED: The Tournament, The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Super Spy and how you tell a story during a stage fight.

WE'RE SORRY: That I whine about my shoulder just for a minute at the beginning. Please take into account that I said the things I said under [...]

The FringeCasting Couch #2: With No. 11 Productions, on Coosje

FEATURING: Rachel Manteuffel! And from No. 11 Productions, Ryan Emmons, Julie Congress, Sina Heiß, Enrico de Trizio, and Steven Conroy.
DISCUSSED: Coosje, their surreal play-with-music about the romance and creative partnership of sculptors & art theorists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen (1942-2009), who created Typewriter Eraser, Scale X on view in the National Gallery of [...]

The FringeCasting Couch BREAKING NEWS EXTRA-SODE: The Weed of Crime Bears Bitter Fruit

Joseph Price doesn't think of himself as a hero. He's just a good man who's got no time for crime.
The storyteller and veteran Fringeworthy Action News & Commentary Squad member humbly tells the harrowing tale of how he personally intervened to prevent a brazen act of theft at the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar on the [...]

The FringeCasting Couch #1: Talken in Your Ears

The Fringe & PurgeCast returns! Under an all-new, all-different name!
FEATURING: Rebecca J. Ritzel! Rachel Manteuffel! Look what we do for you, dear listeners.
DISCUSSED: Walken in His Shoes, Medea's Got Some Issues, Capt. Tickle Britches, Will Work For, I Fucked Your Country! Gerunds versus present participles. Wait, come back!

DISCOVERED: Ritzel will occasionally sing Fountains of Wayne [...]