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Hip Shot: ‘Lipstick Handgun’

The play is a clusterfuck of ideas, and perhaps the acting was a little sub par because the performers had to unload so much other garbage (yoga, tai chi, awkward lesbian kisses, wordy monologues...) in addition to the galumphing (lack of) plot points.

Hip Shot: ‘Uncorseted’

Uncorseted is a winding, wildly hilarious ride from lights up to lights down, and all the characters and conflicts are flung to the fore from the get go—after all, the show's only got 30 minutes to climax. But I would not have protested to spending all night with "nipple consultant" Jetta Bra-man's handiwork (I'll never again look at my flesh-colored bras in the same way) and Carriage and Cemetery's perfect, stiff-as-a-strap-on delivery.

Hip-Shot: ‘Goodbye Love, Goodbye Joy, Hello Travis McElroy’

The movie producer sums up Hollywood: if you get a big name actor, add some big tits, the script doesn’t matter. Apparently, 10th Muse Productions doesn’t put much stock in scripts either.

Hip Shot: ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’

Looking at the Fringe guide, I wondered how C.S. Lewis' best known work could be condensed into 42 minutes. Well, the production was actually 30 minutes. And it felt long. But I'm about 15 years older than the target audience and I left my stunt children at home. With no ability to gauge the play's success on my own, I inferred from the sporadic giggles behind me that the Adventure Theater production had achieved its goal: to entertain the kiddies.

Hip Shot: ‘Irish Authors Held Hostage’

Nothing else I've sampled at Fringe can touch IAHH's the trifecta of lacerating wit, flawless delivery, and superb performances from the entire cast (Morogiello's recurring Yeats was a highlight, as was Lori Boyd's turn as Lady Gregory). You haven't Fringed until you've seen Wilde clutch his chest at the sight of a "dark, rugged" jihadist bent over in prayer.

Fringe Foul: Don’t get between me and my beer!

Look, I'm not trying to get Fringe in trouble with the law, but I think I can finish my beer in 10 minutes. I mean, I made it through college. If Fringe is really concerned about the law, then change closing time at 12:45. But otherwise, let a guy drink his beer in peace.

Hip Shot: “Freak Show”

Even the set captures the freakish quality of the show. The legless woman sits on a stool behind a podium, disguising her actual limbs, the Pinhead has his own straw-lined cage to play in, and Aquaboy has a makeshift tank that he can splash around in. And it all happens under a tent, which is so fitting for a show about a circus—a more appropriate venue couldn't be found.

Hip Shot: Sex, Dreams, and Self Control

I hope years from now we’ll say, "they just don’t write songs like Kevin Thornton used to." Accompanied by gorgeous guitar riffs and a sweet, melodic voice, no written description can do his songs justice. You need to hear the refrain "After bible study hand jobs...We'll read the word of God and then throb..." set to music to understand fully how poignant his lyrics can be. And lucky for you, you can, tonight and every night this weekend.

Hip-Shot: ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’

But by staying in philosophy class, they never transcend a cartoonish view on why someone might be driven to murder. Although they retread ideas from Crimes and Punishment of killing just because you can get away with it, the writing ain't Dostoevsky.

Back by popular demand…

Some shows were such hits last year, they're back and better than ever this year (well, they're back at any rate). Here are the Fringe & Purge reviews from last year.