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Fringe Artist Profile: Imagination Meldown Adventure auteurs Pointless Theatre Company

It is summer, the season when a new bloat-budgeted spectacle of a movie arrives almost every weekend. Pointless Theatre Company can't compete with those payrolls, but in the arms race of sheer enthusiasm, a trio of the creative talents behind their current Capital Fringe entry Imagination Meltdown Adventure sounds ready to take on all [...]

Fringe Profile: The Road Warrior

Of the 20-odd solo performers on the 2010 Capital Fringe roster, several of them have white-collar back-up plans.
Ed Hamell is the other kind.
At 55, he’s been touring in one guise or another since the mid-seventies, and peddling his “conceptually Tom Waits-esque” public-service-announcement-with-guitar act — solo acoustic, but aggressive and loud — under the name Hamell [...]

A Note on Fringe Etiquette

Dear Lovely Fringe People:
Yes, Fringe is all about breaking down walls.
Yes, we stiff-necked media types welcome the opportunity Fringe offers us to escape our sad little cubicles and move among you, the creatively inspired.
Yes, we are delighted to meet you outside Fringe venues, to hear about your show, perhaps even to have [...]