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Fringe Profile: The Road Warrior

Of the 20-odd solo performers on the 2010 Capital Fringe roster, several of them have white-collar back-up plans.
Ed Hamell is the other kind.
At 55, he’s been touring in one guise or another since the mid-seventies, and peddling his “conceptually Tom Waits-esque” public-service-announcement-with-guitar act — solo acoustic, but aggressive and loud — under the name Hamell [...]

Hip Shot: “The Terrorism of Everyday Life”

An original glam rocker from the early 70's, Hamell has not lost his edge or yuppie-ized whatsoever. He looks and dresses like a snazzy jazz man, or a Beatnik, or your cool uncle who can drop references to the Lovin' Spoonful as quickly as to Wilco. He plays one heckuva mean amped-to-11 beat-up '37 Gibson acoustic punkabilly guitar and sings and talks in an unexpectedly high-pitched, fluid voice which somehow makes him seem much more honest than if he sported the gravelly thirty-years-of-booze voice you expect.