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Fringe Interview: Jenny Lynn Towns of The Tea Party Project

Video interview with Jenny Lynn Towns of the DC Theatre Collective about "The Tea Party Project."

Secret Frintel: FPANCS laps, outnumbers Fringe Fanatic; rude Tea Party guests; a surfeit of Uncanny X-position

If you weren't there, then you just don't know.
At the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent last night, Fringe & Purge checked in with Fringe Fanatic Alan King, who earned that commendation by seeing 51 CapFringe shows last year. CapFringe 2010 is already an attendance record-breaker, and perhaps it will be thus for Alan, too. When we [...]

Sign and Counter-Sign, or Does Glenn Beck Care About Baby Seals?

Perhaps drawing inspiration from this rather brilliant March installment of Amanda Hess' The Sexist column, the DC Theatre Collective has taken a clever approach to the crass business of self-promotion.  The group's CapFringe entry this year is The Tea Party Project, so it seems wholly appropriate that they've stolen a page from the Dittohead playbook, [...]