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The FringeCasting Couch #3: With Live Action Theatre, on The Tournament

FEATURING: Lex Davis! Jake Guinn! Chris Niebling! Kristen Pilgirm!
DISCUSSED: The Tournament, The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Super Spy and how you tell a story during a stage fight.

WE'RE SORRY: That I whine about my shoulder just for a minute at the beginning. Please take into account that I said the things I said under [...]

Reconaissance Mission: The Tournament

We are all of us slaves to our passions, so there's no pretending that Live Action Theatre's debut, the 2013 Capital Fringe entry The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Superspy didn't pander directly to my refined sensibilites as an arrested 13-year-old. But besides all the impressively staged melees — no surprise, coming from a company [...]

Today’s Fringenda: I’m Walken Here, I’m Walken Here Edition

Five Captial Fringe shows opening tonight that no one has seen yet but from which we expect excellence nonetheless. Satisfaction not guaranteed.
Look alive, you; this is only Day Two of... of several many days. Tonight's  crop of promising shows starts weirdly early, so try not to get bogged down at the office this evening. Here [...]

PurgeCast #16: For Your Eyes Ears Only

The founders of Live Action Theatre—Kyle Encinas, Chris Niebling, and Amie Root—along with The Adventures of John Blade, Super Spy cast members Robb Hunter, Craig Lawrence, and Jenny Male, join Chris Klimek to talk about the origins of their company, and the intense preparation required to depict fisticuffs and gunplay convincingly but safely. "I'm never [...]