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The Final Hurrah: Fringe Audience Award Winners and Extension Shows

Here's what you still have a chance to see at the festival if you act quickly.

Best of Fringe@10: Our Favorite Moments, Articles, and General Nonsense

The best Fringeworthy stories and memories from the 2015 Capital Fringe festival.

Fringe Music Preview: Closing Party Strings and Things Celebration

The Bitter Dose Combo, Plank Stompers, and Afrolachian Connection help bring Fringe to a close with foot-stomping goodness.

In Mine/Field, Your Data is Our Dance Partner

To craft its Fringe show about online privacy, Glade Dance Collective surveyed its audience and incorporated their responses into the piece.

Hipshot: Domestic Animals

The untamed wilderness of war makes for riveting drama in this exquisitely written and directed show.

Hip Shot: DancEthos With the West Shore Trio

Take an engaging tour of contemporary dance with this collection of pieces by independent choreographers.

How to Make Your Own Fringe Show (What, Are You Crazy?)

Erik Harrison, artistic director for the Coil Project, shares how to get your show from a bunch of dick jokes to a festival-ready reality.

Today’s Fringenda: Past Your Comfort Zone Edition

Don't let Fringe pass you by without going to a show that terrifies you.

Hip Shot: I Feel Funny: True Misadventures in Stand-Up Comedy

Local comic Adam Ruben delivers an intimate set about his worst gigs, and dips into the existential purpose of comedy.

How Did a Hardware Store Become a Fringe Venue?

Both new to the area, Capital Fringe and W.S. Jenks & Son had a meet-cute.