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Into the Homestretch

Not much time left, but plenty of shows.  I'm doing three today (Children of Medea, Riding the Bull, and Irish Authors Held Hostage) and four tomorrow (The Quick Brown Fox ..., Herbie: Poet of the Wild West, FlagBoy, and Dorks On the Loose). Hey, gotta make up for some of the time I spent away [...]

Hip Shot: ‘Bad Hamlet’

John Geoffrion's mashup of two competing 'Hamlet' texts could've played like a Word document with the Track Changes thingy on. Good thing he and director Sarah Denhardt know their Shakespeare from their Shinola.

Hip Shot: ‘So Do You Love Me Yet?’

The pitch for Farah Lawal's one-woman show mentions love, dating, poetry and storytelling. Unless you're a first-class jade, you shouldn't let that stop you.

Fringedroppings: Overheard on Sunday

"So I'm going to build a political machine, and then I'll run for Congress."
- muscle-bound bald guy, intensely discussing marginal tax rates and Congressional committee machinations, while monkey noises from "Please Listen: A Musical Chaos" waft from the Baldacchino

Sunday Open Thread

What's on your mind, Fringepeople? Excited about a show we haven't weighed in on? Cranky about the dearth of Diet Coke at the Baldacchino bar, or curious about exactly how Julianne defines "air-conditioned," for the purposes of that "All Fringe venues are air-conditioned" claim? Aghast about the brewing press-release battle over that Beckett show?
The [...]

Fringe Fotos: The Apothecary

A shot taken inside The Apothecary, one of several new Fringe venues for 2009.

Hip Shot: ‘The Saints’

St. Bernadette reads Tarot, St. Francis sings surf-rock, and St. Ursula keeps a harmonica in her bra. Do you really need to know more?

Overheard at Fringe

"I like 'hobbit,' because the hobbits saved the world, and I'm down with that."
- actor/director Suzanne Richard, explaining under the Baldacchino that 'midget' isn't the preferred term for little people like her

Hip Shot: ‘My Fabulous Sex Life’

"This," drawls Brent Stansell midway through his jaw-droppingly frank bedroom confessional, "isn't the first time I've tried to get attention." And you think: Well, duh. (The man's an actor, after all, and if there's a closer synonym for exhibitionist, I've yet to encounter it.)

Fringe Fotos: Launch Party

"Gee, Martha, these fringe folks sure are friendly." ...

"Why yes, George. They are. They certainly are."