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Hip Shot: ‘things i wrote before my first kiss’

things i wrote before my first kiss
The Apothecary, 1013 7th St, NW.
Remaining Performances:
Saturday, July 17, 8:15 p.m.
Sunday, July 18, 7:45 p.m.
Sunday, July 25, 4:30 p.m.

They say: “Everyone has a first kiss.  It’s a life changing milestone.  You are one step closer to being an adult and leaving adolescence behind.  Do you remember who [...]

Hip Shot: ‘Horrible Child’

Adult themes notwithstanding, this lighthearted poem paints a fantastical fairytale in which two otherwise tender loving parents (P & Q) beget an abomination (aka H.C.) whom they need to purge. How many mothers can say, “The day I evicted you from my womb was the most horrible day of my life.”

Hip Shot: ‘Tape’

Ten years out of high school, Vince corners his old buddy Jon and former girlfriend Amy in a room (at the Motel 6) and forces them to rehash the fateful event that changed their relationships and their lives.

Hip Shot: ‘Galactica in Irrelevant Acts of Entertainment’

Galactica and her Boys not only take the shame out of lip synching, they elevate it to a thrilling art form. The Boys put the flame in Flamenco, but they don’t hold a candle to Galactica’s flair.

Hip-Shot: ‘Sezze Sun’

Sezze Sun
@ The Bodega
Remaining performances:
7/24 @ 6:30pm; 7/25 @ 9pm; 7/26 @ 4:30pm
They say: A struggling actor invites friends and family to his parents' Italian villa for great food, drink and festivities. But he has ulterior motives. Secrets are revealed and covertly filmed in this multi-media exploration of the digitalization and destruction of relationships.
Sheffy says: [...]

Hip-Shot: ‘Cabaret Carousel’

For those expecting an old fashioned concert with no skits, dancing, or story, the music did not disappoint. Here, carousel refers to the constantly rotating program from Blues to Bossa Nova to Broadway music over the nine-performance run—really three shows under one marquee. I attended on Broadway night and was treated to 21 numbers performed by talented vocalists Sally Martin, Tara McCredie, and Richard Tappen and accompanied by pianist Alex Tang.

Hip-Shot: ‘Goodbye Love, Goodbye Joy, Hello Travis McElroy’

The movie producer sums up Hollywood: if you get a big name actor, add some big tits, the script doesn’t matter. Apparently, 10th Muse Productions doesn’t put much stock in scripts either.

Fringe Foul: Don’t get between me and my beer!

Look, I'm not trying to get Fringe in trouble with the law, but I think I can finish my beer in 10 minutes. I mean, I made it through college. If Fringe is really concerned about the law, then change closing time at 12:45. But otherwise, let a guy drink his beer in peace.

Hip-Shot: ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’

But by staying in philosophy class, they never transcend a cartoonish view on why someone might be driven to murder. Although they retread ideas from Crimes and Punishment of killing just because you can get away with it, the writing ain't Dostoevsky.

Back by popular demand…

Some shows were such hits last year, they're back and better than ever this year (well, they're back at any rate). Here are the Fringe & Purge reviews from last year.