Fringe & PurgeCast #7 — Say It to My Face

Capital Fringe artists Aubri O'Connor of Nu Sass Productions (Tent of Dreams: An Occuplay) and R.U.X. and Ryan S. Taylor of the Washington Rogues (Mitzi's Abortion) join Fringe & Purge bloggers Joseph Price and Chris Klimek for a discussion of Dr. Science's Science-Time Science-Va-Ganza. Then Aubri and Joseph deliver their critiques of Mitzi's Abortion straight to the director's face! We wrap up with a discussion of the nature and value of criticism. Or, why The Rocky Horror Picture Show is better than Rocky V.

  • Karen

    So TOTALLY agree on the star system. I've seen (and been in shows) where the writeup was glowing, superlative, full of love love love...then the star rating was 3.5 out of 5. Makes you wonder what a 5 would be.

    That is truly weird and doesn't accurately reflect the quality of the show. Reviews can stand on their own without a numeric rating.

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