Fringe & PurgeCast #4: Truth in Titling Edition, with SexBots

Guest-starring 2010 Fringe Fanatic Lisa Carr! Discussed in this especially dissolute edition of the PurgeCast: James Judd's Funny Stories, My Princess Bride, Occupy This! – Tales of an Accidental Activist, Aaaaaagh! Murder!, DC Trash, and Rockwell's Universal Sexbots.

No, Fringe & Purge Action News and Commentary Squad member Joseph Price did not formally review his landlord's show, The Circle, for Fringe & Purge, though he and I did discuss the show on PurgeCast #3.

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  • jay Hardee

    And, by the way, Chris, don't you say something like "that's why we have you here" after she made the comment? So why are you baffled that I'm pissed off at you as well as her for insulting a dear, elderly theatergoer? Just own that it was shitty and leave it at that.

  • jay Hardee

    Way to get defensive, Chris. You aired the shitty remark. And FYI, I'm no longer the WSC PR person so I'm speaking for myself.

  • Lisa

    Thanks Chris. I would also like to respond to Jay and that I agree that that was an enormously bitchy and inappropriate comment that I made, and I am truly sorry. It wasn't intended to be hurtful -- as a fellow audience member, I delight in David's boundless enthusiasm for theater and have found him to be a lovely person on the few occasions I spoke with him. I have privately offered him my apologies, and now would publicly like to apologize for my drunk buffoonery.

    And I would like to apologize to Chris and the City Paper for reflecting poorly on you.

  • Chris Klimek

    This podcast is an experiment. It's intended as an off-the-cuff replication of the experience of talking about the day's shows in the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent, sometimes just among a few of Fringe & Purge's bloggers and sometimes with guests. On this night I invited Lisa Carr in as a guest because she's a longtime supporter of the festival who sees lots and lots of shows, and I thought she might contribute to a lively, informed discussion. She does not write reviews for us. Our formal critiques appear on the blog, in writing.

    I'll note that Lisa contacted me on Sunday evening to say she regretted making the remark Jay referenced and to ask that I remove it from the recording. At the time she said it, it struck me as such a silly comment -- certainly less hostile than the terms Jay uses above to rebuke her -- that I never imagined listeners would find it genuinely hurtful. So I offer Mr. Tannous my apology for my poor judgment in failing to excise Lisa's "turtle" remark: We're here to talk about the Capital Fringe Festival and the shows therein. Anything else is off-topic.

    As for Jay's baffling inference that something a single guest said reflects the consensus of Fringe & Purge staff, I'll simply ask him whether he's speaking for himself above, or whether I should assume the comment he posted represents the official position of WSC Avant Bard.

  • Joe Brack

    Dear Washington City Paper,
    Please stop allowing drunk members of your staff to "critique" productions. It is embarrassing for all of us, whether their ramblings are positive or not.
    Thank you,
    Joe Brack

  • jay Hardee

    I would like to say a big FUCK YOU to the bitch who would publicly say David Tannous looks like a turtle. David Tannous is the greatest friend DC Theatre has and should be spoken of with respect. Fringe & Purge should issue an apology immediately. Assholes!