Photos: Cap Fringe Closing Night!


Check 'em out here—some nice snapshots from the Audience Awards and subsequent revelry.

  • Andrew Baughman

    Thanks, S2, and the same to you! Yes, you and Richard were diamonds in the rough that night. What a ride it has all been. :)

  • Renee

    I applaud all the hardworking reviewers at CP and DC Theatre Scene for their incredible coverage. To run around in that sweltering heat and cover 90 + for CP and 118 shows for DCTS is just remarkable. So, as actors, let's puts some ads on both CP and DCTS to thank them for all their supports for all of us and the Festival. What do you say guys and gals?

  • John Sowalsky

    Dude. Heat in.

    When I get dissed I think I've earned the right to bitch, especially given a public forum explicitly provided for such purposes. You would deny me all catharsis? You would have me give the City Paper an A+ for a job that was 5/6ths complete? No! No deal and no apologies!

    They're big boys and girls and they can suck it up just as well as I can. Dude.

    "Welcome to the theater?" That's some welcome! Is there an antidote available? And is there an extra charge for all that sanctimony? As if the world of theater or journalism were any different than the world at large, SS O'Terica! You've given a mere paraphrase of: "That's just the way things are." Wow. Now that's compelling reasoning! I was wondering how the human race had managed to stagnate for so long.

    Let's all sing along, now, and by all means, no giggling, please...

    "Opinions are like buttholes: Everybody is one!"

  • S squared

    and belated congrats to Landless, Andrew, for all of your successes! I still remember hanging out on 18th street with Richard of the more bizarre evenings of my life.

  • Andrew Baughman

    Agreed, S2. Trey, Brian and Company, you guys did a great job, and thank you for the coverage. Let's help WCP out and buy some ads this year, folks!

  • S squared

    Dude. Chill out. Welcome to the theater. Years and years of blood, sweat and tears--that's kind of in the cards. In fact, that's kind of the world of local media as well--god knows the city paper folk put in a lot of sweat labor over the past three weeks (and maybe some tears? Blood? Anyone?) Thanks to both Citypaper and the other outlets (DCTheatrescene, The Post, DCist...)covering the fringe this year for your collective herculean efforts in covering a pretty massive festival.

  • John Sowalsky

    Well, that certainly makes up for my solid year of blood, sweat, and tears. I could explain why you've just made my own case for me, but I'd have to charge you by the word...

  • Ted Scheinman


    Sorry we didn't cover your show. We spent ca. 40 words on Rahm Emmanuel's daughter, and ca. 40,000 words reviewing over 90 Fringe productions. If you work out the percentages, you'll realize it's not exactly sound to accuse us of affording more column inches to "borderline celebrities" than to serious critical content.

    Each year we do our best to cover as many shows as possible, to keep that coverage snappy, and to maintain a lively reader forum. Thanks, at least, for contributing to the latter.

    Plus, look on the bright side: of the 20+ other acts we were unable to review, none was nearly as bitter or hectoring as you. So...props!

    Very best wishes,

    Fringe & Purge

  • John Sowalsky

    If this was a comprehensive guide, then I've struck gold in my niece's diaper! How about next year you actually complete the job that you set out to do before you start to congratulate yourselves, eh...? You should care half as much about the productions being presented as you do about the borderline celebrities that happen to show up. If the City Paper is the arbiter of What Is Hip, then I guess it's hip to be callous, inept, and complacent.