Into the Homestretch

Not much time left, but plenty of shows.  I'm doing three today (Children of Medea, Riding the Bull, and Irish Authors Held Hostage) and four tomorrow (The Quick Brown Fox ..., Herbie: Poet of the Wild West, FlagBoy, and Dorks On the Loose). Hey, gotta make up for some of the time I spent away last weekend — and besides, we haven't reviewed a couple of those, so I thought I'd check 'em out.

Meanwhile, Fringe diversions, Never-Know-Who-You'll-Run-Into department: That was activist and brother-annoyer Candace Gingrich at this afternoon's performance of Children of Medea.

And the street was abuzz about the Secret Service-fueled delay at today's closing performance of Peace Warriors. The First Lady? The Boss Himself, even, ducking the beer-with-Gates buzz for a bit?

Nope: Apparently it was Rahm Emanuel, whose daughter (so the word on the street had it) was in the show.

So: Y'all seen anybody fun?

  • Trey Graham

    Heh. If you've got a photo of Mary Cheney hanging out in the tent, the CP's bankrupt parent company will pay you a million bucks for it.

  • fringe

    i saw mary cheney hanging out in the tent last saturday.

  • lee

    It's Rahm's brother's daugther who is in Peace Warriors.

  • Fringe artist

    Pretty sure I saw Senator Gregg walking by Warehouse yesterday around 730, family and Fringe buttons in tow. I couldn't think of his name at first, was just like, oh look, there's the guy that turned the Secretary of Commerce job. It's been a long week.