Friday Open Thread—Hit It, People


Sure, we've seen a fair bit of theater, sweated buckets in some overheated venues, learned to turn hangovers into inspiration, and covered 88 shows so far (make that 100 after tomorrow!). No big deal, right? But we can't be everywhere at all times—just ask this individual—so we rely on you all to keep us honest.

Let us know what you're loving, what you're loathing, and what we've missed. Our ears, and this blog, are yours.

*That old-school engraving above? William Hogarth's "Lame theater." We think it's neat.

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  • John Sowalsky

    Thanks for listening, on behalf of all us squeaky nails bending in the breeze! There are still two opportunities for folks to see "Waiting for the Trigger" - tonight (7/25) at 8:45pm and tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm at the Goethe Institut Gallery. If you're disappointed, we'll re-appoint you!

  • Sheffy

    I took a break from Fringe, to catch "Barack Starz" at the Woolly Mammoth theater ($8 off with Fringe button, BTW).
    Woolly invited their famous improv friends from Chicago, Second City, to specially put on this show for the Capital Fringe Festival, but Fringe turned them away (as a major theater house, Woolly isn't Fringe, nor did they want to only charge $15).

    Needless to say, "Barack Starz" is like Fringe on steroids: fun music, hilarious comedy, and they even toss in some improv. Not only was the show sold out, the SRO was two people deep. Wait until Fringe is over, then run over to Woolly (they just extended their run to Aug 9).
    I loved the show.
    Personal Disclaimer: While I am not involved with the show and get no kickbacks for promoting the show (that I'm aware of yet), I do usher at the Woolly Mammoth Theater.

  • Captain Squishy

    Hey! F&P came to see Captain Squishy's Yee Haw Jamboree last Saturday and we haven't heard a peep yet! Are you paralyzed with awe? Dumbstruck with revulsion? Or perhaps immobilized with ambivalence? DC Theatre Scene and the Post have given us great reviews, but we long to hear the F&P verdict. What say you, F&P?

  • criticalmess

    Despite the scathing reviews, I found "The Real Adventures of Tom Mix" rather sweet, in an old-fashioned "I remember when..." kind of way. And it was a nice breather after all the bare breasts and monkey poop.