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Photos: Cap Fringe Closing Night!

Check 'em out here—some nice snapshots from the Audience Awards and subsequent revelry.

Pick of the Fringe Awards

We live-tweeted them here: And we'll be back, eventually, with some closing thoughts on CapFringe 2009.
For now, the party's still on, so come on down to the tent:

The Homestretch: Music @ the Tent

D.C. singer-songwriter John Bustine and Rose (yup, just Rose) sing 'The Wreck of the Good Ship Lollipop' — from Bustine's album "Waltzes and Pleas" –while a fan dances. 6:38 pm under the Baldacchino

Hip Shot: ‘FlagBoy’

It takes a good deal of courage to open up one's life to an audience of strangers. And in some ways, Cornelius Jones' life is a profile in courage. But I doubt he would describe it that way. More than anything else, FlagBoy is about coming to terms with who you are—and what's impressive is Jones' ability to transform that self-awareness into a frank, funny, and revealing one-man show.

Hip Shot: The Attack of the Big Angry Booty

Script aside, Kurkendaal is a charismatic performer. Plus, he's a fountain of useful diet tips. Did you know a vodka and soda only has 100 calories? Hundreds of dollars in Jenny Craig dieting advice awaits you for the bargain cost of a $15 ticket.

Into the Homestretch

Not much time left, but plenty of shows.  I'm doing three today (Children of Medea, Riding the Bull, and Irish Authors Held Hostage) and four tomorrow (The Quick Brown Fox ..., Herbie: Poet of the Wild West, FlagBoy, and Dorks On the Loose). Hey, gotta make up for some of the time I spent away [...]

Correction: ‘Dancing to Ancient Rhythms’

Two major components of my review of Dancing to Ancient Rhythms were that it featured mostly white female dancers performing cultural tourism, and that it looked like a dance recital for a dance class. Karen McLane, the head of the Ancient Rhythms dancce company, responded to my criticism in the comments, but seeing as she [...]

A Dialogue: ‘Captain Squishy’s Yeehaw Jamboree’

Captain Squishy's Yeehaw Jamboree
The Baldacchino at Fort Fringe
Remaining performances: Saturday, July 25 (tonight!) at 5 p.m.
They say: From the writers of last year's hit I Like Nuts! comes a ridiculous new musical about a comedy variety show, with a murderous ingenue, a WWI German spy, and of course, bacon!!! It's Captain Squishy's Yee Haw Jamboree!
Brian [...]

Hip-Shot: ‘Sezze Sun’

Sezze Sun
@ The Bodega
Remaining performances:
7/24 @ 6:30pm; 7/25 @ 9pm; 7/26 @ 4:30pm
They say: A struggling actor invites friends and family to his parents' Italian villa for great food, drink and festivities. But he has ulterior motives. Secrets are revealed and covertly filmed in this multi-media exploration of the digitalization and destruction of relationships.
Sheffy says: [...]

Friday Open Thread—Hit It, People

Sure, we've seen a fair bit of theater, sweated buckets in some overheated venues, learned to turn hangovers into inspiration, and covered 88 shows so far (make that 100 after tomorrow!). No big deal, right? But we can't be everywhere at all times—just ask this individual—so we rely on you all to keep us honest.
Let [...]