A Note on Fringe Etiquette

Dear Lovely Fringe People:

Yes, Fringe is all about breaking down walls.

Yes, we stiff-necked media types welcome the opportunity Fringe offers us to escape our sad little cubicles and move among you, the creatively inspired.

Yes, we are delighted to meet you outside Fringe venues, to hear about your show, perhaps even to have a drink with you while discussing your tortured creative process.

But please — and I say "please," but I mean "ferf*ck'ssakewhatwereyouthinking?" — do not feel the need to call our mobile phones, even if you've managed to track down our numbers, and leave voice mails pleading with us to come and see your Fringe productions.

You may be reasonably certain that such appeals will not have the desired effect.

No names will be named here. Unless, um, it happens again.

That is all.

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  • Spyder Syn

    [good puppet]: we are calling
    [bad puppet]: from the dead

  • Dr. Serenity Hawkfire

    Oh dear ... did I call your mobile Mr. Graham? I am utterly mortified -- though I won't reveal the telepathic means by which I derived said number. (Monies were paid, but mostly it was my extreme psychic abilities and the use of my lobal connector tool that did it.) Thank you for not revealing my identity.

    Considered this guru chastened!

    Dr. Serenity Hawkfire, the 21st century guru