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Julian Assange, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo And The Swedish Approach To Sex Crimes

Editors' note: This post was originally published late last night, without an edit by anyone else at Washington City Paper. Because of the subject matter, we unpublished it so we could review it. The post originally named the women who Julian Assange is accused of raping. Their names have been deleted. City Paper does not […]

“I Hope This Spawns More Wikileaks”: Talking Spycraft With “Spy Talk” Blogger Jeff Stein

A couple weeks ago when I chastised the Washington Post for devoting only 11% of its column inches on Wikileaks to the actual content of the leaks themselves, I neglected to mention a notable sanctuary within the Post's HTML borders from the tyranny of Wikileaks meta-coverage: Jeff Stein's Spy Talk blog, whose motto is "Intelligence […]

How You Can Stop Worrying And Learn To Love This Wikileaks Bank Data Dump, Liberals

By now you probably know—unless you rely on Das K for all your news, in which case you must be very, very bored—that Wikileaks is preparing a big financial institution document dump! I am decisively thrilled about this, which makes it about the only thing I really have to look forward to right now aside […]

Why Was The Washington Post Shut Out Of Wikileaks Story? Well…

Today the Washington Post's Paul Farhi reported an interesting tidbit of info about Wikileaks: the media outlet that brought us the go to scandal-suffix "-gate" was shut out of Cablegate. Initially, Wikileaks' go-to U.S. media organization had been the New York Times. But after the Times published a few too many stories on Julian Assange's […]