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How Come No Mention Of “Entrapment” In “Top Secret America”?

Today's Washington Post features the latest installment in its epic "Top Secret America" series. Like many readers I am on the fence about this series, starting with the fact that it isn't called "Police State America" or "Secret Police America" or something along those slightly more descriptive, meaning-possessing lines, but as you may remember its co-author […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bravely Takes On Teachers Union Goliath In Washington Post

Arnold Schwarzenegger has an op-ed in the Washington Post today about how great some new thing is working in California. Now, I know what you are thinking. "But nothing works in California! If I have learned anything from reading the Washington Post, it is that it is impossible to relay information about the political system of California without […]

“I Hope This Spawns More Wikileaks”: Talking Spycraft With “Spy Talk” Blogger Jeff Stein

A couple weeks ago when I chastised the Washington Post for devoting only 11% of its column inches on Wikileaks to the actual content of the leaks themselves, I neglected to mention a notable sanctuary within the Post's HTML borders from the tyranny of Wikileaks meta-coverage: Jeff Stein's Spy Talk blog, whose motto is "Intelligence […]

You’ve Been At This Pundit Thing Too Damn Long, Old Man

Like so many of his colleagues at the Washington Post, there was a time when Ezra Klein was not just another ossified belcher of such predictable kleptocrat apologia/antilogic filtered through the usual echo chamber distortion of stupefying sleepword synonyms for "consensus" as today's "An imperfect, but not-that-bad, deal on the tax cuts" to millionaires who barely […]

Five Things To Expect From The Washington Post’s New Conservative Jennifer Rubin

Perhaps you have heard the news about Fred Hiatt's newest big editorial hire Jennifer Rubin. According to a Tweet posted by Dave Weigel, the Washington Post's last big foray into hiring a blogger who truly understood the "right", Rubin has long been an "undervalued asset" over at Commentary, which judging from his previous reportage on […]

How The Washington Post Cheers On As The Washington Post Company Destroys Education

It is widely known at least among hacks like me that the newsroom that coined the motto "follow the money" loses a crapload of money these days, hemorrhaging $164 million in 2009 alone. But our industry is so bereft of funds and attention spans these days very few have spent a whole lot of time […]

Why The Media Hearts Oligarchs—So Much The Post Won’t Even Call Them “Oligarchs”

Washington Post deputy editorial page editor Jackson Diehl wonders in an op-ed today why Barack Obama isn't rallying more enthusiastically behind Mikhail Khodorkovsky, otherwise known as Russia's "latest moral champion." Is it "because he is an entrepreneur and not a poet" and everyone knows how Obama loathes commerce? Or is it, he wonders, simply because […]

Charles Lane, The Washington Post’s Unsung Champion Of The Rich And Powerful

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger hailed the Chilean miner rescue as a "smashing victory for free-market capitalism." In addition to Onion-grade self-parody, Henninger was also, he fully conceded, courting charges of "churlishness" to make such a claim "amid the boundless human joy of the minders' liberation" — but these, he insists, are […]

The Michelle Rhee Glamour Shot That Was Too Hot For The Internet

I was a little worried the shocking news of Michelle Rhee's resignation would be eclipsed by those Chilean miners but ha ha ha no I was not of course come on we are not talking about the "property rights armageddon" here no way was the Post going to miss the opportunity to run another massive […]

Post Writer’s Kid Explains How ‘Reading’ Can Be A Dating Dealbreaker

Sometimes when there is nothing much going on in the world and your section has already profiled the senior senator from Hawaii, it can be helpful to take a walk down the hall to the archives morgue, find a bound volume from some random year of that earlier simpler age when people still read newspapers […]