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Morning Misc: Dana Milbank Pinpoints Culprit Behind Obama’s Problems: Bitches!

Chiefly, Valerie Jarrett. Nameless "current and former" White House officials with whom Milbank has spoken "raised questions about Jarrett's effectiveness and judgment," is the thing. She "flaunts her friendship" with Barack Obama. When the president ran into PR problems over his all-male basketball games, he "conferred with" her about it and she convinced him to […]

Forget Body Language, Who Is Michelle Rhee Wearing?

One of the torments of attempting to act in any sort of "aggregative" capacity for a blog is, adding insult to the lost hours sustained executing the injurious task of scanning all the aggregators, opening tabs, taking in the terabytes of wasted effort, the inordinately larger waste involved in the depressing effort to re-locate all […]