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Peter Orszag: Everything Wrong With This Town (Comes Back To How Much This Guy Got Laid Here)

There's a lot of handwringing on the internet today about the lack of handwringing that accompanied the announcement last week that former Obama budget director Peter Orszag is going to work for Citigroup. James Fallows started it by wondering on his blog why the announcement had warranted nary a mention in the Washington Post, and […]

Big Government In Washington Doing Its Best To Live Up To Republican Revisionist Villainy

Today comes news that the four Republican members of the nine-member congressional panel to investigate the causes of the financial crisis have defected from the group over a linguistic dispute: the Democrats wouldn't accept their proposal to eliminate the phrases "Wall Street", "shadow banks" and the words "deregulation" and "interconnected" from their official autopsy report […]

Has Tim Geithner Ever Given A Real Interview?

The news that Tim Geithner paid an off-the-record call on Jon Stewart in April made me wonder: has the Treasury Secretary ever sat for an on-the-record interview that even threatened to be remotely adversarial? Or is this just something you obviously never deign to do, when it's your job to ensure the steady flow of […]

Those Democrats, Always Flaunting Their Intellectual Superiority…

Good "shit, what the fuck happened to the" morning, readers. Newly anointed Daily Baller Mike Riggs is back with me this no longer morning for another lively hour or so of uncen$ored extemporaneous Gchat about the morning's most important events. In this edition: Georgetown's trippy trinity is down to a duo, David Brooks explores the […]

Charles Lane, The Washington Post’s Unsung Champion Of The Rich And Powerful

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger hailed the Chilean miner rescue as a "smashing victory for free-market capitalism." In addition to Onion-grade self-parody, Henninger was also, he fully conceded, courting charges of "churlishness" to make such a claim "amid the boundless human joy of the minders' liberation" — but these, he insists, are […]

The Michelle Rhee Glamour Shot That Was Too Hot For The Internet

I was a little worried the shocking news of Michelle Rhee's resignation would be eclipsed by those Chilean miners but ha ha ha no I was not of course come on we are not talking about the "property rights armageddon" here no way was the Post going to miss the opportunity to run another massive […]

Once TBD Goes Black They Find It Remarkably Easy To Go Back To Smug, Unendingly Self-Promotional And Only Ever Inadvertently Funny White Ways

There is a lot to be corrected about this town, such that I sometimes don't know where to begin, but this post on TBD pretty concisely encapsulates much of what plagues our white people. I can't really do it justice, because I have real work to do, but here's one attempt: Due to an editing […]

5 Things David Axelrod Must Have Missed About The Foreclosure Thing

A lot of you are probably still wondering what to make of the latest spasm of foreclosure apoplexy that temporarily seized the memeosphere last week when Obama vetoed that two-page bill everyone else in D.C. so unanimously loved. Here is who is not wondering, though: the Washington Post! There is nothing in any section of […]