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Will Wilkinson Vs. Jonathan Chait, The Redux

Jonathan Chait of The New Republic is in a feud with "freelance public intellectual" Will Wilkinson about Peter Orszag's defection for Citigroup. But isn't the first time Chait and Wilkinson have feuded; back in August 2009 their blogging heads butted in a three-part TNRtv sparring match about income inequality. So what has changed since then? […]

Why ‘Morning’ Joe Talks Five Times As Much As Mute Ice Princess Mika

TNR counted the number of words MSNBC Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spoke one morning on the show and found a ratio of 3,213 to 644. TNR's assessment of this situation is—ATT gynobloggers— "sexism." Having subjected myself to a triple dosage of MSNBC in the past few weeks (bedridden, contagious, already caught […]

TNR Decides It Was Maybe Right The First Time About The Deficit Commission

"Deep-Six The Deficit Commission Report" TNR November 11 "Why The Left Is Wrong About The Deficit Commission" TNR November 12 "In Defense of the Deficit Commission" TNR November 13 "Laffer Track" TNR November 22 The Bowles-Simpson deficit commission is a thinly-veiled plot to permanently slash taxes on the rich. This it shares in common with […]

Today Only, The New Republic Almost As Cheap As Muslim Life

Happy Columbus Day fellow anti-colonialists, have you heard of this thing called Groupon? I hadn't until today, when I was alerted that it was offering members eye-poppingly low-priced $22 subscriptions to TNR, and I signed up right away before I realized "subscription" meant "an internet password." Oh well, I am still greatly satisfied to be […]