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TNR Decides It Was Maybe Right The First Time About The Deficit Commission

"Deep-Six The Deficit Commission Report" TNR November 11 "Why The Left Is Wrong About The Deficit Commission" TNR November 12 "In Defense of the Deficit Commission" TNR November 13 "Laffer Track" TNR November 22 The Bowles-Simpson deficit commission is a thinly-veiled plot to permanently slash taxes on the rich. This it shares in common with […]

“I’m Not Going To Worry About The Deficit. It’s Big Enough To Take Care Of Itself.”

I'd been rooting for Barack Obama to crib this line of Ronald Reagan's, delivered at the 1984 Gridiron Dinner in response to a campaign led by Pete Peterson and Alice Rivlin to reduce the deficit, to brush off Peterson's considerably more highly-capitalized/intellectually dishonest billion dollar campaign to do the same today. Times change, of course, and […]