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Arnold Schwarzenegger Bravely Takes On Teachers Union Goliath In Washington Post

Arnold Schwarzenegger has an op-ed in the Washington Post today about how great some new thing is working in California. Now, I know what you are thinking. "But nothing works in California! If I have learned anything from reading the Washington Post, it is that it is impossible to relay information about the political system of California without […]

Deep Thoughts…

Today Larry Summers gave a speech that won high marks from Swampland's Michael Scherer, who follows a long and approving quotation from the speech, paraphrases it thusly: So what is Summers really saying? He is approvingly quoting Daniel Patrick Moynihan's argument that increased government involvement in the health care sector is a risky idea… He […]

How The Washington Post Cheers On As The Washington Post Company Destroys Education

It is widely known at least among hacks like me that the newsroom that coined the motto "follow the money" loses a crapload of money these days, hemorrhaging $164 million in 2009 alone. But our industry is so bereft of funds and attention spans these days very few have spent a whole lot of time […]

The Michelle Rhee Glamour Shot That Was Too Hot For The Internet

I was a little worried the shocking news of Michelle Rhee's resignation would be eclipsed by those Chilean miners but ha ha ha no I was not of course come on we are not talking about the "property rights armageddon" here no way was the Post going to miss the opportunity to run another massive […]

Establishment Elites Celebrate ‘Third World America’ At Massive Elitist Job Fair

Well isn't this charming: Arianna Huffington had a party at Tammy Haddad's with Geena Davis in honor of her new book about the country's degeneration into a Central Asia-style plutanarchic failed state and all anyone can talk about is which wonky young media corpse on the make should move in on Howard Kurtz's warm coffin: […]

Forget Body Language, Who Is Michelle Rhee Wearing?

One of the torments of attempting to act in any sort of "aggregative" capacity for a blog is, adding insult to the lost hours sustained executing the injurious task of scanning all the aggregators, opening tabs, taking in the terabytes of wasted effort, the inordinately larger waste involved in the depressing effort to re-locate all […]