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You’ve Been At This Pundit Thing Too Damn Long, Old Man

Like so many of his colleagues at the Washington Post, there was a time when Ezra Klein was not just another ossified belcher of such predictable kleptocrat apologia/antilogic filtered through the usual echo chamber distortion of stupefying sleepword synonyms for "consensus" as today's "An imperfect, but not-that-bad, deal on the tax cuts" to millionaires who barely […]

Why Was The Washington Post Shut Out Of Wikileaks Story? Well…

Today the Washington Post's Paul Farhi reported an interesting tidbit of info about Wikileaks: the media outlet that brought us the go to scandal-suffix "-gate" was shut out of Cablegate. Initially, Wikileaks' go-to U.S. media organization had been the New York Times. But after the Times published a few too many stories on Julian Assange's […]

Does Dana Milbank Have To Die On The Cross For His Washington Post Colleagues To Bother Turning On Fox News?

Yesterday Washington Post humorist Gene Weingarten Tweeted a glib defense of Glenn Beck against Michelle Goldberg's accusation (via a post on The Daily Beast) that Beck's latest jihad against George Soros amounted to anti-Semitism. "This charge of antisemitism is so thin and unfair that I'm forced to take the side of ... Glenn Beck," he […]