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Memeorandemonium: Why Larry Summers Is More Offensive To Women Than Being Felt Up By The TSA

Are you craving some new opinions on the News Beast merger, taxpayer-funded misdemeanor sexual assault, the new books on Keith Richards and Larry Summers, the hedge fund trader's girlfriend I met on the Acela last night, or Katy Perry? Then enjoy the colorful and probably profanity-laced IM exchange between Daily Baller Mike Riggs and myself, […]

Forget Body Language, Who Is Michelle Rhee Wearing?

One of the torments of attempting to act in any sort of "aggregative" capacity for a blog is, adding insult to the lost hours sustained executing the injurious task of scanning all the aggregators, opening tabs, taking in the terabytes of wasted effort, the inordinately larger waste involved in the depressing effort to re-locate all […]