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6-Year-Old TSA Strip Search Victim Actually Disrobed By…His Own Father

So it's clear at this point there is no "opting out"; I am into my fifth straight hour of like ten straight days of nonstop junk touch coverage on MSNBC. "The question is is this the most efficient use of your time and money," the anchor who is not NorahO'Donnell just asked some representative of […]

Stupid Liberals Flock To Stupid Libertarian Astroturf Scheme To Privatize TSA

Jesus Christ, stupid liberals. So since I last checked RSS the ACLU and that lady who started Firedoglake have joined the Great American Airport Security Prude Out? GAH!? THELEFTISSODUMBTHELEFTISSODUMBTHELEFTISSODUMBSODUMBSODUMBWHYGODWHY… anyway, appropriately enough we can blame Ralph Nader, the original "Democracy: A Lot Like Consumerism!" leftist, who was in on this crusade entire days before original […]