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Why ‘Morning’ Joe Talks Five Times As Much As Mute Ice Princess Mika

TNR counted the number of words MSNBC Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spoke one morning on the show and found a ratio of 3,213 to 644. TNR's assessment of this situation is—ATT gynobloggers— "sexism." Having subjected myself to a triple dosage of MSNBC in the past few weeks (bedridden, contagious, already caught […]

What Does The Washington Post Have Against Hawaii?

Why yes it is available on DVD! In fiscal year 2010 Sen. Daniel Inouye sent $392,432.850 in earmark spending back to his state. This is a "story" according to the Washington Post, because writer Jason Horowitz managed to convince his bosses that all the frenzied coverage of our 49th state was really terribly unfair to […]

Did The New Yorker Really Have To Blow Every Last Member Of The C Street Frat House?

The Fellowship, which is also known to members as the Family, is a secretive worldwide confederation of mostly Republican politicians and their associates. Until three of its more highly placed denizens got busted for cheating on their wives last year, the Fellowship's public profile consisted mainly of its sponsorship of the annual National Prayer Breakfast […]