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Remembering Great Political Lessons Of The 1970s With Ezra Klein

The venerable Ezra Klein reminds readers of this timeless lesson today: In 1975, Pepsi unleashed "the Pepsi Challenge," a blind taste test where subjects threw back an ounce of each beverage and reported back on their favorite. Their favorite was Pepsi. You already know what happened next: Coca-Cola developed a more Pepsi-like product called "New […]

Peter Orszag: Everything Wrong With This Town (Comes Back To How Much This Guy Got Laid Here)

There's a lot of handwringing on the internet today about the lack of handwringing that accompanied the announcement last week that former Obama budget director Peter Orszag is going to work for Citigroup. James Fallows started it by wondering on his blog why the announcement had warranted nary a mention in the Washington Post, and […]

Big Government In Washington Doing Its Best To Live Up To Republican Revisionist Villainy

Today comes news that the four Republican members of the nine-member congressional panel to investigate the causes of the financial crisis have defected from the group over a linguistic dispute: the Democrats wouldn't accept their proposal to eliminate the phrases "Wall Street", "shadow banks" and the words "deregulation" and "interconnected" from their official autopsy report […]

Ezra Klein And Some Bearded Lefties Talk About Economic Insecurity

All experience is relative. And so before I expound upon my experiences yesterday attending a forum on American economic insecurity featuring Ezra Klein, I ought to qualify my assessment by briefly listing what I imagine to be the three most significant recent events I believe to have possibly consciously and unconsciously colored my perception of […]

Santa Gives Us Official “No Comment” On Those Tax Cuts For Rich People

Oh wait sorry, so class warmongery of me, they're called "affluent" now, apparently. Like in that old book about our great American "society", except the term can only be used to describe 1 in 100 of society's members these days. Anyway, don't say we didn't try to take this terrible policy to a higher authority. When […]

You’ve Been At This Pundit Thing Too Damn Long, Old Man

Like so many of his colleagues at the Washington Post, there was a time when Ezra Klein was not just another ossified belcher of such predictable kleptocrat apologia/antilogic filtered through the usual echo chamber distortion of stupefying sleepword synonyms for "consensus" as today's "An imperfect, but not-that-bad, deal on the tax cuts" to millionaires who barely […]