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Libertarians Behind TSA Junk Touching Outrage Orgy Also Masterminded “Topless Tuesdays”

What has gone under-appreciated in the media frenzy over John Charles "Don't Touch My Junk" Tyner III is that he was preceded in his online activism by one Meg "Smeg" McLain, who first raised a shitstorm over her personal traumatic experience of being physically violated whole days before Tyner embarked upon his hunting trip. On […]

Morning Miscellany: Soldiers On Drugs, Nihilists On Drugs, Brooks On Joads, Etc.

The New York Times fronts new news of those soldiers who killed Afghan civilians for fun and collected their body parts for many months even after one of the soldier's dads started bothering the Pentagon about it. They belonged to an Army unit "consumed with drug use," says the lede. WHAT FUCKING DRUGS, you are […]